Our Winter Holiday

    Being married to a dairy farmer means that a holiday is somewhat of a joke. Last year over spring, I would attend church by myself. Every single week I would have someone (or many someones!) come up and say something like:

    • Where is Aaron? (on the farm)
    • What is he doing? (working)
    • Is calving a busy time? (imagine trying to wrangle 10 puppies all day with no arms. then times that by 87)
    • Will he be here next week? (no)
    • Are all dairy farms busy at the moment? (yes)
    • Does Aaron not have weekends off? (no)
    • What about public holidays? (especially no)
    • When is his next day off? (in about three months time)

    So before this busy time sets in we decided to take a little trip while the farm was quiet. This was our first time off the farm for more than a night since we got married! We headed up the South Island to Christchurch and Hanmer Springs and spent a few days there to begin with. It was divine. We then flew up to Auckland and went to a church conference. Some gross bug from preschool and my hate for big cities (seriously, they make me depressed) made the Auckland part of the trip not so crash hot. The homebody that I am was VERY excited to be back in her own bed!

    Anyway, I bought a new lens for my camera on the first day of the trip (hellloooooo 50mm!!!) and decided to have a play with some filming. Waaaay more fun than I thought and cool to have a wee video to look back on in years to come. A bit better than those dusty tapes with three hours worth of family footage that your parents have at home right?

    P.S. Sorry I’ve been so slack on the blog front lately! I got a real job which means I actually have to leave home during the day. Ugh. I know.



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