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    Pantry Organisation with Vinyl Stickers

    Vinyl stickers for pantry organisation

    I have a really small kitchen so storage and organisation is really important. I have every cupboard and drawer crammed full so I try to be as organised as possible so cooking and baking doesn’t become a logistical nightmare. For the average couple, my kitchen would probably be fine, but I’m a big baking and cooking fan so have a lot of appliances and tools. These all take up so much room in my cupboard. Who else has a teeny kitchen?

    As a bridal shower present, my Mum bought me beautiful Ecology jars that I use for baking supplies. I had chalkboard labels on them but every time I touched them, the chalk would rub off, not ideal! When I saw Tinker Tailor’s new vinyl stickers for the pantry, I knew I needed them ASAP!

    I started by emptying all my jars and giving them a good clean in hot soapy water. They were way overdue for a decent scrub! I won’t bother telling you the last time they were cleaned, so just use your imagination on this one.

    Vinyl stickers for pantry organisation

    Gee these jars looked shiny once they had their bath! Once clean and dry, I wiped the front of the jar with alcohol wipes that Tinker Tailor provides. This ensures the surface of the jar is sparkling clean so that the vinyl stickers adhere properly and last.

    Vinyl stickers for pantry organisation

    I love how easy these labels were to apply! You literally just press the label onto the jar, then peel off the transfer paper. Much like applying a temporary tattoo, but without the water and the tears when Spiderman’s foot is accidentally decapitated. It’s safe to say, that every sticker remained in tact during the application. Phew!

    Vinyl stickers for pantry organisationVinyl stickers for pantry organisation

    Tinker Tailor has various pantry sets you can choose from, including health (that’s what I got), baking (that’s what I need), basic, herbs and pasta. The sets range between $12 and $20 and are available in both black and white. Tinker Tailor also makes vinyl stickers for a whole bunch of other uses. You can find the collection here. They’re durable, easy to apply and will even survive the dishwasher!

    Vinyl stickers for pantry organisationVinyl stickers for pantry organisation

    Don’t my jars look great?! Even hubby came in and said that they looked way better than what I had before. Now THAT is a compliment my friends.

    Vinyl stickers for pantry organisation Vinyl stickers for pantry organisation   Vinyl stickers for pantry organisation

    I’m so in love! Every time I open up my pantry I admire my new new vinyl stickers. This was such a satisfying task!

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