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Hello! Want to know my story? Keep reading.

So glad you made it to my blog! I hope this is the start of something special. Like Nutella, that’s special.

My family grew up in a small town (like really small) where my Dad worked at a dairy factory and my Mum was a full time Mumma!

As a little girl you could often find me painting, drawing, sewing, playing with my Barbies or digging through the ‘junk box’ with my two younger sisters and younger brother. From early on, I always knew that if my job included things where I got to make stuff, I would be a happy chappy! During my teenage years we shifted to Southland’s only ‘city’ Invercargill. My favourite subjects were art and fashion design. In my spare time you can find me at youth group or scanning groceries! KIDS LISTEN HERE! I can’t say it was the most glamorous job but it meant that I was able to save up a large amount of money so that I could pursue fashion design even further in Dunedin at Otago Polytechnic. If I summed up my year in Dunedin in word one it would be this: INTERESTING. Big workload, living in a residential college, watching seven seasons of McLeod’s Daughters, learning how to knit and ultimately not really enjoying it which lead me back home.

Brittney Guise of Ever So Britty

I ended up coming back to the Promised Land (Southland, incase you didn’t realise), to pursue teaching! I’m now all finished up and graduated last December. Praise the Lord!  Let’s be real, writing an endless amount of essays was never going to fun right? I would just like to thank Cadbury Chocolate for making this degree possible. Without you I would forever be stuck in second year.

Brittney and Aaron GuiseWhen I first came back to Invercargill I started going to a different church where a nutty farmer with bleached hair wanted to hang out with me. Little did I know, this was the start of something special, like Nutella as I mentioned earlier. I went through all the stages: ignorance, denial, avoidance and general feelings of nausea until I caved. Aaron and I became an item. And then an engaged item. AND THEN a married item! What began with a bad jetski ride has turned into being married to my best friend. He’s the man I prayed for and hoped for.
Guise WeddingMy favourite photo from our wedding. I think it’s because it sums up our relationship well. We don’t take things too seriously and love to be silly and have a good laugh.

Once we got married, I shifted out to the family dairy farm. Aaron manages the dairy side of this and works alongside his parents who live across the road from us. Life on the farm can be crazy and sometimes leaves me feeling like a widow during the busy seasons. It is however at adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Brittney and Aaron Guise Ever So BrittyBack in my teenage years I discovered a blog called A Beautiful Mess and fan-girled. I checked it daily, bought all their books and downloaded all their apps. I decided that if I could have a dream job, blogging would be it. However, I had zero knowledge of how to do that so it was put on the back burner. Then I found an awesome eBook called Building a Framework and decided to step out of the boat and go for it. My goal is to inspire other woman through sharing fun DIYs, recipes, snippets of my life and random thoughts. Cheers to giving things a go!

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