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DIY Leather Strap Towel Holder

Welcome back and happy new year everybody! I would like to say that I’ve been travelling around lovely warm places the past few weeks, but I’ve just been at home, painting walls and doing gardening. However, this has been super satisfying and I’m so pleased with all the progress on our house.

Good news friends! Our bathroom is FINALLY coming together. It’s been a long time in the making but things looking pretty good now. In fact, they’re looking really good! Our bathroom is mainly white, and I’m accessorising with natural wood tones and black. It’s a lovely contrast! I’ll share a full room tour soon.Looking for an awesome DIY leather strap towel holder? Why not make your own?

I decided that I’d have a go making my own leather strap towel holder. I had seen a few on the internet, but they were pretty pricey for what they were. I went to my local craft store Spotlight and was able to get a piece of vinyl 20cm by 1.5m for $4. I could make SO many things from this so it was a real bargain.

This year I’m also trying to get more into making videos. They’re a lot of fun and you guys really seem to love them, so here’s my first video of the year! Be sure to head over to my Youtube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss out on my new videos.

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