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    Let’s Talk about 13 Reasons Why

    It’s probably appeared in your newsfeed. It’s sitting at the top of your Netflix homepage. Maybe you’ve even seen it? Everyone is talking about. Everyone has their opinion, so let me share…

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    Our Winter Holiday

    Being married to a dairy farmer means that a holiday is somewhat of a joke. Last year over spring, I would attend church by myself. Every single week I would have someone (or…

  • Do you struggle with stress and sometimes find yourself exploding over the smallest of things? Come read about my messy noodle brain and how I’m learning to deal with it. Find more personal stories and thoughts here at

    4 Tips for Dealing with Noodle Brain

    First of all I’d like to start off with an apology. I downloaded a new calendar  that (apparently) automatically schedules blog posts. Or random drafts and paragraphs, as I learnt. For those…

  • When Life Doesn't Go to Plan - Finding God's plan and purpose among the chaos and confusion. Find more real life stories at

    When Life Doesn’t Go to Plan

    image credit: Pink Pot Creative In high school English classes, one of the first things we always had to discuss when reading a new text was theme. More than often, one of…