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My DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations | DIY Tutorial | Find more at EverSoBritty.com

As a part of our wedding series, I thought I would share how I made my DIY wedding invitations. Making the invitations yourself can be a great way to save money, if you stick within a budget and choose your supplies wisely. However, they are incredibly time consuming and can provide a relative amount of stress. Anyone who has planned a wedding before, knows that stressful tasks are something to avoid like the plague. Now that you’ve had my warning, let’s see how I made them!


Things I Used:

  • 210gsm cardstock
  • manilla folders
  • scrapbook paper
  • alphabet stamps
  • 170mm x 120mm natural envelopes
  • washi tape
  • jute string
  • paint
  • double sided tape
  • circle cutter
  • scissors
  • corner punch
  • guillotine

Easy Peasy Blackboard | DIY Tutorial | Find more at EverSoBritty.com

The first thing I did was research! Our colours were pastel pink, blue, lavender and mint and I knew I wanted something with a bit of a rustic vibe to match the rest of the wedding. I liked the look of anything with natural coloured card, jute string or lace so decided on a design and started exploring! Once I knew what design I wanted, I looked for envelopes. I bought mine here. I did this so I then knew what size invitations to make.

Easy Peasy Blackboard | DIY Tutorial | Find more at EverSoBritty.com

Gatefold backing: to create the gatefold backing, I cut manilla folders to size, and made two folds that met in the middle.

Belly Band: I had plenty of leftover card so decided to paint it mint green and use it for the belly band. I bought patterned scrapbook paper from Spotlight which I then glued over the top.

Round Tags: Again, I used the leftover card to cut out circles with my circle cutter. I stamped our initials with black ink and wrote the guests’ names on the other side

Easy Peasy Blackboard | DIY Tutorial | Find more at EverSoBritty.com

Easy Peasy Blackboard | DIY Tutorial | Find more at EverSoBritty.com

Invitation Style: I found this awesome (and free!) template that I edited with PicMonkey and Adobe InDesign. I printed it on ordinary paper and cut the corners with a round corner punch.

Details Card: We didn’t have enough room to fit all our information on the main invitation so made a separate details card with information about our gift registries, RSVP information and our Wedding Website details. I made this a bit smaller than our invitation, printed it on cardstock and slotted it in!

Easy Peasy Blackboard | DIY Tutorial | Find more at EverSoBritty.com

The Cost 

Our wedding invitations were super cost effective, and were roughly $110 for 80 invitations. Most of our guests lived nearby so we were able to personally deliver invitations which was a big saving on postage.

Envelopes: $40

Manilla Folders: $20

Scrapbook Paper: $10

White Card Stock: $10

String: $5

Postage: $25

My DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

My Advice:

  • I know I’ve said this before, but think carefully about whether you want to make your invitations yourself. Do you want to spend every spare hour for the next two months cutting and sticking?
  • Use a high quality guillotine. I borrowed one from our church which made cutting super easy.
  • Think outside of the box. Look for alternative products to expensive craft supplies. The manilla folders I bought worked a treat!

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My DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations



Happy creating!


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